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Sydney Offered Some More Surprises!

August 30, 2008


KingparrotCrimsonWhile in Sydney on Friday August 29 I searched on-line to look for some friendly Aussie birders that might want to join up and explore their area the next day- Saturday.  I used a great site called Birding-Aus.



You cant beat Aussie hospitality! A kind “bloke” named Alan picked me up and drove me all over the Greater Sydney area and to some nearby parks as well.

Here I saw my first Crimson and Eastern Rosellas as well as King Parrots and of course plenty of other ticks as well such as Scarlet Honeyeaters.


Hyde Park with Some Very Raucous Friends

August 29, 2008



Sydney’s Hyde Park offered some great chances to get to know Sulphur Crested Cockatoos.They were sometimes a bit too friendly and I had to keep my valuables out of the reach of those powerful beaks!  




I have to admit I felt a bit sorry for the Aussie wheat farmers who were deluged with flocks of these big white cockies!




SulphurCrested Cockatoo

Arriving in Sydney

August 28, 2008

Like most folks my journey began in the beautiful City of Sydney.  My eyes kept scanning for parrots everywhere.  I didnt have to wonder for long just what type of parrots I would see first.  Rainbow Lorikeets!  They were everywhere…  a shrieking mass of blurred color as they raced accross the backdrop of tall buildings and parks.  

RainbowLorikeet8Rainbow Lorikeet

I couldnt get enough of viewing these swift flying little beauties!  In Queensland at Currumbin Bird Park I got to see them close up as they clambered all over me during feeding time!