Arriving in Sydney

Like most folks my journey began in the beautiful City of Sydney.  My eyes kept scanning for parrots everywhere.  I didnt have to wonder for long just what type of parrots I would see first.  Rainbow Lorikeets!  They were everywhere…  a shrieking mass of blurred color as they raced accross the backdrop of tall buildings and parks.  

RainbowLorikeet8Rainbow Lorikeet

I couldnt get enough of viewing these swift flying little beauties!  In Queensland at Currumbin Bird Park I got to see them close up as they clambered all over me during feeding time!


6 Responses to “Arriving in Sydney”

  1. pacifictonz Says:

    Hi, looking forward to seeing how many you did get to see and photograph, as you saw our Aussie gardens are overrun with the rainbow lorikeets and up here in Queensland we get our share of sulphur cockatoo, pale heads and crimson rosellas and the occassional scaley lorikeet and king parrot in the gardens too. Others are harder to see and photograph, I have seen black cockatoos a few times but never fast enough to get a photo unfortunately.

  2. polytelismedia Says:

    So great you found my blog so quickly! I was simply just putting it up when you dropped by. You are so fortunate to live in such a beautiful country with so many amazing birds! Here in North America we can only dream of seeing such beauty in the form of parrot life! Thanks for stopping by!


  3. darren smith Says:

    FANTASTIC!!!! Don, cant wait for the film……

  4. Suzanne,Neal & Dillen Says:

    Glad to see your fabulous works. Never worry your life did not find meaning.
    Keep that camera tied to you. Onward with love.

  5. Tony Watts Says:

    Hi Don, a great job you have done filming and on your blog. Your passion is a benefit to us all. And thanks for subscibing to my YouTube channel (Parrot38). I’m too busy building a new place in the countryside to do much serious parrot filming at the moment, but next year I’ll do more. Our local wild parrots have so tamed us to look after them they live in luxury – not so wild, now, perhaps, but certainly still free. I’ll be buying your DVDs as soon as I can.
    Many thanks and best wishes.

    • polytelismedia Says:

      G’day Tony. Sounds like a great project in the country for sure! Also thanks for your kind comments about my doco. It was an unreal experience and I am still loving reliving it to this day. So far the DVD series has been super popular and is even being distributed by World Parrot Trust. I will ship out a set to you as soon as you like. Cheers and best wishes mate!

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