Search for the Princess Parrot -An Amazing Find!!

I had heard that Princess Parrots were best seen flying over the vast dunes in the outback.  Driving along on those remote desert roads, Greg and I kept our eyes peeled for anything that even resembled this elusive and beautiful species.  I kept hoping and literally praying to God that we would even catch a glimpse of one. Mile after mile of beautiful desert but no Princess.




Then on the morning of September 6th this all changed!  While strolling around the dunes on foot I spotted 10 Princess flying only about 30 meters from us heading off into the distance.  In an instant Greg had them too!  They were gorgeous! Losing all composure I yelled I was so excited and of course the princess bolted out of the area.    We split up and I took my video cam with me.  Greg saw 12 individuals all by himself but I lucked out.  

The following day we took a drive deeper into the desert near the Canning Stock Route but the habitat looked wrong and we saw nothing.  We turned back to our original spot and camped again.  The next day on September 7 Greg by himself saw 4 of them flying near our tents.  I was crestfallen I so badly wanted to film this rare species and so far had nothing on film.



2 Responses to “Search for the Princess Parrot -An Amazing Find!!”

  1. Geoff Jones Says:

    Gidday Don I have just read your story on the Australian Parrots and I am interested in photographing the Princess Parrot and I was hoping that you may be able to give me some information about them. My email address is gjo48414@bigpond and my website is if you would like to have a look at my work Kindest regards Geoff Jones

  2. polytelismedia Says:

    Hi Geoff:

    Beautiful work mate and some gorgeous fantastic photos. I will respond in a private email to your request about details of the Princess area.

    Cheers and thanks for checking out my site!


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