After so Much Planning-A Dream Finally Realized!

To date I still had no footage of princess but this was to change later that day when I chose to take a stroll into the dunes with Greg and poke around.  As an afterthought I grabbed the camera.  No tripod (arrrgggg!!!!!) but I had the cam.  While I was filming Rainbow Bee-Eaters Greg thought he heard parrots!  The next thing he is bolting down over the dunes in the direction of a some large Casuarina trees.



Then there they were!!!!!!!!!!!!!  6  Princess relaxing in a gently blowing casuarina tree.  Some were sitting sleepily enjoying the afternoon warm breeze, others were courting – the males using rapid horizontal head swings and clacking calls just like they do in aviaries all over the world!  What an amazing treat and great views!  As a grown man I still couldn’t hold back my emotion and tears of excitement as gratitude to God came.  A dream come true!!!!


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