The Elusive Princess Parrot

This experience was a  once in a lifetime encounter.  While I was still engrossed in filming, the Princess became more alert as the afternoon wore on.  Finally the entire flock in 2 groups launched themselves out of the casuarina they were perching in. As dreamlike as it had began the Princess then launched themselves into the air.



I have never seen a parrot fly so fast -like they were being shot out of a gun.  Perhaps the other 2 members of the Polytelis genus- the Superb and Regent parrots fly as fast.  In an instant they were gone.  Over the dunes they shot with those long tails trailing gracefully behind calling to each other to keep in contact as they went.

PrincessDonaftersitingI just had to sit down in the desert sand and drink in what I had experienced.  I was stunned by my good fortune.

princess coke celebration

We whooped and sang for joy as we headed back to Alice Springs to turn in “Sherman” (short for Sherman tank) our 4×4 Nissan to the rental company.  Back at the Alice Motel we treated ourselves to the first food of civilization in 10 days and celebrated by clinking coke cans together to celebrate our fantastically successful Princess trip!


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