A Quick Visit to Uluru and Then off to Cairns

Okay I couldn’t be from North  America and not visit Uluru!  Only problem is that it was going to cost hundreds of dollars extra to head out to “the rock” from Alice Springs.  I was headed to Cairns so how was this all going to work?  When I first booked my ticket I decided to boycott Uluru because of expense.  Guess what? That flight got sold out!  Then it gets real cool…  the next flight I scheduled had a 2  hour lay over in Ayers Rock en-route to Cairns!!!!  I simply headed out on foot over the dunes from the airport and got to visit this amazing landmark!


No offense Melbourne, Perth, Sydney etc. but Cairns is by far my favorite city.  Easy to get around in and fun and friendly and at the gateway to tropical adventure.  Being from Canada my idea of luxury is stepping outside at 1 AM and its still 26 degrees or so!  If I had my dream I would live for 6 months in Cairns and 6 months in North America!


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