Outback Queensland

Shortly after arriving in Cairns  I met up with a mate – Tony Kinread and between the two of us we decided to head west to Georgetown.  Unlike tropical Cairns its dry and outback-like.


Along the way I spotted my first Pale Headed Rosellas.  At a large wetland area just past the dry town of Georgetown we set up camp and I couldn’t believe the bird diversity!  Many species of Honeyeaters, budgies, doves and waterfowl and of course other parrot species as well.  Like my first Red-winged Parrots.  

GeorgetownRTBC faroffGeorgetowngoannasprawl

I saw Red-tailed Black Cockatoos but so far away they might as well having been Aussie Ravens.  The great thing is that I would obtain fantastic footage of RTB Cockies later.  Tony and I were attracted to the sound of digging and spotted a huge Sand Goanna digging out the eggs of another reptile (another goanna?) only a couple of meters from us! The big reptile was enormous and we guesstimated it was at least 1.75 meters in length.


From Georgetown back to Cairns at dusk I learned a really tough lesson.  Despite decades of experience driving with an abundance of dodgy wildlife on Canadian roads I was unprepared for the zillion roos we would encounter. No warning … nothing…  just a sickening Whumppp!!!!  The next thing I know an agile wallaby (not agile enough) was dead and I had a huge amount to pay the rental car company for the damage to the front end.


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