Off to Cape York!

It took a long while for me to get organized for the next leg of my journey and of course the warm beaches of Cairns kept calling me.  Finally I began organizing my trip to Cape York.  I made a deal with Greg that he couldn’t resist.  Somehow I managed to pull him away from his wife and family to join me on an 11 day excursion to the Iron Range in Cape York.  We had no time to waste because we didn’t want to run into serious summer rains.  Cape York has some very unforgiving roads and tough river crossings.  


With Hundreds of Kilometers to go before we reach our destination of Iron Range National Park high up on the Cape York Peninsula,  road houses like this one on route 81 at Laura were few and far between and were a welcome sight.



I kept expecting to see lush growth like Papua New Guinea anytime but it was dry and dusty all the way to the Iron Range National Park.  Many Kms short of Iron Range  would be our first stop – Artemis Station to search for Golden Shouldered Parrot!

We met some friendly fellow travelers at some of the places to rest and pull over.  It was always great to chat with local Aussies especially those native to the area.


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