Enroute to Iron Range National Park

Like most travelers we fueled up and got a snack at Musgrave Roadhouse. Along the way it was prudent to read the Aboriginal do’s and don’ts when traveling in their land.  

When we were in Outback Western Aus we each had tents to sleep in.  On Cape York we moved on up in the world with the Toyota Landy which had 2 built in bunks.  However it was so humid we each stayed in our tents anyway.

The famous Musgrave Roadhouse


I was surprised we weren’t required to obtain permits to drive in the area but we maintained a respectful attitude while driving through.  After all this was their area not ours.  We were just enthusiastic guests!CapeYorkaborulesgunshots


I kept expecting to see huge croc infested rivers that were almost impassable. Especially dreaded were the Wenlock and Pascoe Rivers. We heard tales of folks flooding their vehicles while crossing and lots of other horror stories.CapeYorkRoadsigns 


Fortunately none of the water crossings proved to be an obstacle since we were still several weeks away from the serious seasonal “Wet”.  We were cautious about crocs wherever we went and had no problems whatsoever.


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