Exploring the Iron Range – Looking for the big 3

The landscape changed abruptly near Lockhart River.  Dry scrubby forest gave way to plant communities with more variety and lushness.  Pockets  of vegetation including huge towering trees looked like they belonged in New Guinea not Australia.



Our first exotic parrot sighting was the Red-cheeked parrot.  As we pulled over to view them they kept flying nervously around chattering incessantly.  They seemed unnerved by eye contact and even after remaining in the Iron Range for several days I never got either excellent looks at them or even something resembling decent footage!Red-cheeked Parrot2Capeyorkbutterflygorgeous

I kept worrying that we wouldn’t even get a decent look at Eclectus or Palm Cockatoo at all, let alone film them!  Fortunately we found several nesting eclectus that offered some super looks.  I noticed when sulphur crests tended to use the same tree with multiple hollows the eclectus ruled!  Loud and gorgeously colored a remarkable species!capeyorkelectusmalenestentry

CapeYorkecletusfemaleheadshotWe saw Palm cockatoos almost every day we were there.  Some closer than others.  At one point Greg spotted one fashioning a drumming stick.  They use those to beat on a nest hollow to attract females to it.  I was very impacted as I spent a great deal of time with the Palms.  From their curious human like voice saying…”hellloooo” to the way they even looked at you.  Obviously a lot going on in that gorgeous feathered head!CapeYorkPalmcockatoogoodlightingCapeYorkPalmcockatoowindyheaddress


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