Spiders and Snakes oh My!

After a humid warm rain Greg and I headed out to go night lighting.  I had no idea what to expect.  I thought perhaps a frog or two like this White lipped frog.  Boy was I in for a surprise! We saw not one but several species of snakes including a death adder!  

CapeyorkwhitelippedfrogCapeyorkdeathaddergregsmileSo while I film from a respectful distance Steve Irwin…  I mean Greg gives  me an in-depth color commentary on this very toxic species.  Note the short thick muscular body for lightning fast strikes.  (below right)

CapeYorkdeathadderGregpicsCapeYorkdeathadder4Then there were other snakes but I haven’t a clue which species they were.  Okay Greg….  mate we need you to tell us what they were.


The next day I was attempting to film magnificent riflebirds by waiting patiently at the edge of a forest road for one to show.  Then what was that!!! ??
A sudden stabbing in my knee!  Oh no!!!!  My first thought was Death Adder!!!!Nope…  just some sort of prickly bush…  ha ha..  the night of snakes took their toll on me psychologically I am afraid, even though I am normally fine with crawlies. CapeYorkSpiderhandCapeYorkspiderhugeHmmm…   Just a bit bigger than some of the old 1.5 ” barn spiders I saw as a kid growing up in Canada!


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