Outback Queensland – Bowra Station

I had heard so many things about Bowra Station being a phenomenal place to view parrots I just had to contact Julie and Ian McLaren and arrange a time to be there at their place.  On the drive out I saw my first and last King brown snake (actually I ran over the poor thing).  I also saw my first Little Corellas and Cockatiels.


I was surprised at how graceful wild cockatiels were in flight.  Graceful and composed.  Hardly the frightened stressed, or bored birds one sees in cages and aviaries in North America.  This  male is keeping one eye on me and the other on his curious chick still in the nest cavity.



2 Responses to “Outback Queensland – Bowra Station”

  1. zenonie Says:

    Hi wompoo, I just stumbled asross a post you made on exploreoz, I think it was, so decided to check your blog out. I too have a blog on wordpress.

    Cockateils are beautiful little birds and to see them flying in a flock is magic. I think Major Mitchells are my favourites, then Mallee Ringnecks, then the humble little Galah. Such beautiful colours and it seems the further into the outback you go the richer the colours.

    Bourke’s parrots are readily seen at my place Kilcowera Station. Good luck with your doco. Zenonie

    • polytelismedia Says:

      Hi Zenonie: Wow.. I was truly humbled as I was reading your blog. Such hard work in a dry area. I know being from a rural area in Canada that rural folks work very very hard. I started by picking potatoes at age 9. I wont give you a lot of difficult stories but just to tell you I am not a stranger to simple conditions. Things changed for me over the years and I now live a bit differently. I will probably spend quite a bit of time on your blog reading. Not for bird information just to learn more about rural life in outback Queensland. By the way Queensland is my favorite state and Cairns my favorite city.

      I would love to hear about your Bourkies where you see them and what you have observed about them at your place.

      Thanks again for your kind comments on my blog. When things slow up a bit I want to come by yours again and write some comments as well.

      Cheers and warm wishes accross the miles..


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