A Parrot Paradise

Bowra station is so well known that even authors of books on Parrots such as Dr. Joseph Foreshaw and other parrot researchers from around the globe come here to enjoy its remote beauty.  I stayed in a rustic shearers quarters and would drift off to the sound of over a thousand Budgies perched in a gum tree outside my window.


I had a brief glimpse of a pair of Major Mitchells as I drove past St. George enroute to the little town of Cunumulla.  My heart was in my throat hoping they would land somewhere I could film them but they took off into the distance.  I shouldn’t have worried because I saw several MM’s at Bowra.  So elegant whether drinking or like this bird feeding at super close range!


This is one of those species in Australia that was high on my list to see and film.  In all honesty I would have been very disapointed if I hadnt seen at least a fleeting view. My time at Bowra was stellar!  Ian, the station owner, told me during a drought he once saw over 100 major mitchells coming to one of his water troughs!


2 Responses to “A Parrot Paradise”

  1. Greg Sujecki Says:

    Looks like you had a great trip Polytelismedia,something alot of us Australians take for granted not seeing ourselves living in our backyard.Love these Major Mitchell pics well taken.

    • polytelismedia Says:

      Greg: Its hard for me to put into words how much I love your country and its amazing parrots. Simply stunning. You have a world heritage treasure in your parrot species!

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