Great Parrots in the Katherine Region

From Brisbane I arrived in humid Darwin.  I felt it would be more productive to head to the Katherine Region, instead of the more touristy Kakadu.  I chose Nitmiluk National Park  and Edith Falls.  Extreme heat with temperatures even in the 30’s at night, plus aggressive blowies made filming rough but rewarding.  At the end of the day I was so hot I swam with others in a huge pool at the base of Edith Falls even though it contained freshwater crocs.


If I hadnt gotten my fill of Red-tailed Black Cockatoos on the Atherton Tablelands I sure did here.  I just love this species! Among the large flocks in general I noticed many trios of 3 birds.  They tuned out to be a devoted pair-bonded couple being accompanied by a huge chick.  Occasionally the chick would emit pathetic athsmatic  rasping cries for emotional support and/or some regurgitated tidbit.  An adult male with that dramatic crimson tail doesn’t always get a favorite perch!


The hot humid weather caused many species like this Red-collared Lorikeet to simply sit still and pant in order to deal with it.  I could wish that Varied Lorikeets were so cooperative!  I wore myself out trekking into the bush after flocks in the heat.  I saw dozens but they rarely came down to land.  Mostly they just ripped across the sky in the direction of Katherine.  I suspect these were mostly nomadic groups.  The footage is pretty much cutting room floor but at least I got to see them.



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