Western Corellas

On the return trip to Perth I stumbled upon a large flock of Western Corellas perched in farmland trees near the highway.  Of all the corellas they seemed to have the most human-like voices and their agitated cries sounded decidedly worried that I was near.  Finally they settled down and I was able to film!

WesternCorellacoupleblogreadyWesternCorellasingleheadloweredblogreadyAt first I was struck with how much these little cockatoos resembled the larger Long Billed Corellas.  However I noticed their movements were much more clown-like and hyperactive-similar to Little Corellas.

WesternCorellawingsraisedblogreadyWesternCorellashabitatcowsDespite their white plumage several individuals appear almost invisible in the shadows of the trees above the cattle in this farmland habitat.


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