Western Rosella and Regent Parrot

I didn’t have to look far for my first Western Rosellas.  They were easily observed in the driveway at Stirling Range Mountain retreat or in the surrounding forest only meters from my tent!  Regent parrots were a different story.  


Shy and super fast they were most often seen ripping across the open country calling as they went with those dry throaty calls that are distinctive to the species.  Perched flocks or birds never stayed put very long so filming opportunities were less than perfect.  I loved interacting with this species though. I was startled how much the young birds resembled princess parrots in body shape and coloration.



2 Responses to “Western Rosella and Regent Parrot”

  1. Tracey (vankarhi) Says:

    some lovely pictures there

  2. polytelismedia Says:

    Thank you Tracey! So glad you came by to check out the blog! I am wondering what drew you to this particular page. I am thinking perhaps you have some of these great little parrots in aviaries.



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