Margaret River and Cape Leeuwin

I said so long to my hosts Brian And Vicky and traveled to the Margaret River area.  Beautiful huge forests all along the way.  When I got to habitat with scattered farms I happened upon a flock of Baudins or Long-billed Black Cockatoos.  They seemed shy and easily startled by my presence unlike the Carnaby’s I had encountered.  One in particular glared at me and fanned its impressive tail.


From a tip I got from a fellow Bird enthusiast at Stirling Range Retreat, I learned that I might be able to see Rock Parrots at Cape Leeuwin.  I didn’t waste any time and was soon hiking all around the lighthouse despite driving rain and winds that would literally hold me up as I leaned into them. I gave up and decided to try again the following day.  



This day was less windy but still raining intermittently.  Between rain showers I managed to find a pair of “Rockies” on the lee side of the headland feeding in the grass.  


They were so cooperative that I shot over an hour of footage of just them alone!


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