Adventures with Lorikeets

I was told that I should have been able to film Purple-crowned Lorikeets in other locations rather than Melbourne but I had missed them elsewhere so Melbourne it was.  A tip on the site Birding-aus led me eventually to PCL’s only about 5 km from my caravan park!


 I spent several days with them before they finally offered an eye-level encounter that was conducive to filming.  At one point I was filming a group of them when another lorikeet species showed up.  It wasn’t until later, when reviewing the film that I discovered that I had captured some images of Little Lorikeet as well!  




I worked flocks of Little Lorikeets for 2 days near Windsor in NSW but captured only birds way up in the treetops.  They simply wouldn’t come down!  Very very challenging!  In the end I made do with only okay footage but I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know them.


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