Long-billed Corellas and a Surprise Parrot

On the outskirts of Melbourne I discovered my first Long-billed Corellas.   I was surprised that the Rosy hues in their head and neck areas were so prominent.  


This is  not an easy bird to obtain in aviculture in North America so I treasured my time with the Long-bills.  Later in NSW in the Penrith area I found flocks of them that were tame and approachable.  I soon learned to recognize their quavering calls and never tired of watching them thriving among these very populated areas.


Among the Corellas was a surprise!  I can only conclude this was a Galah/Little Corella hybrid.  It was very pale in color and totally associated with the Corellas even though there were Galahs in the immediate area.   I had heard elsewhere that these two parrot species occasionally paired and produced viable offspring but this was terrific to witness firsthand!


4 Responses to “Long-billed Corellas and a Surprise Parrot”

  1. Ben Gardiner Says:

    Great photos! More kinds of parrots than I had thought possible. The family I grew up in had a macaw we thought was male for years until one day she laid an egg. Guess they all have beautiful feathers.

  2. cHrIstIstInA_YY Says:

    Hi, just happen to stumble upon your blog while searching for the name of the parrot species I took the other day, very helpful…


    • polytelismedia Says:

      So glad you enjoyed my blog Christina. Great to have you coming by for a visit. Cheers!


  3. Carmen Lundqvist Says:

    Hi Don,

    I’ve just come across your blog. Wow, I was so surprised to see those great photos of the princess parrots!
    We will be doing some tracks in Australia such as CSR, Gunbarrel etc. I was wondering if you could tell us, where you’ve spotted the princess parrots? It’s one of my dreams to spot those beautiful birds and I’m very grateful for any infos where there is a chance to spot them.



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