Orange-bellied Parrots

The target species and the reason I flew all of those miles – Orange-bellied Parrots!  I really am fond of the neophema family and I felt very priveledged to interact with this rare species.  tazmaniaOBPsingle3edited

It was fantastic to have timed my visit unwittingly with biologist and OBP expert Mark Holdsworth.  Mark and his staff were super kind to me and let me hang out with them while they banded young Orange-bellies.  Even as nestlings young males display the classic orange belly that gives this little neophema its name.


To top off a fantastic adventure I even got a brief look at a ground parrot which Mark and his crew flushed in the heath while we were out!  Nothing worth mentioning footage-wise as I frantically pointed the camera at the flushed and fleeing bird, but still an enounter nonetheless!


3 Responses to “Orange-bellied Parrots”

  1. Ruud Stouten Says:

    Hello Sir,
    Can I have your story about the Orange-bellied on my hobby site, I find the story very interessant.Sorry but my English is not so good, I `m from the netherlands in Europe.

    cheers Ruud

    • polytelismedia Says:

      Hi Ruud:

      So glad you enjoyed the story about the Orange-bellies. I realized how rare it was to enjoy them considering there are so few left in the wild. The Tazmanian habitat was fantastic too!

      Yes you may publish my story about the Orange-bellied parrots on your site as well if you are so kind to create a link on your site to my wordpress blog here at I will send you details in a private email. Again welcome to the blog and so glad you enjoyed the Orange-bellied Parrot adventure!


      • Ruud Stouten Says:

        Hello Don,
        > Of course I would like your link on my website,
        > First of all i would like to thank you for replying to my mail. I found the
        > articles very interesting to read.
        > Ill send the link to some other fellow Neophema parrots growers.
        > one of them is
        > I would like to ask you another thing ,is it ok if you send the
        > photos that we put them on our website?
        > Offcourse we will put ur name attached to it. We would like to share them
        > with anyone who is interested in these parrots.
        > Thanks again for replying to my email and I hope to see some photos from you
        > soon.
        > With kind regards,
        > Ruud Stouten

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