Swift Parrots & Blue-wings

I arrived in Tasmania during the summer and being there at this time of year afforded the opportunity to interact with Swift Parrots on their breeding grounds.  Quite honestly I expected them to be easier to find.  I drove one whole day around Bruny Island looking for anything that would even resemble a Swiftie.  Nothing…


Then thanks to Mark Holdsworth the OBP expert I came in contact with a fellow biologist who steered me in the direction of a local videographer in Devonport who had filmed them at a waterhole in the forest.  I worked the waterhole for 2 days but I had arrived after the main breeding season and the chances of seeing Swift Parrot was slim.  


Then on a warm day late in the morning a single adult came to drink!  What a fantastic little parrot!  I couldn’t believe it!  Another return trip to Bruny island and a tip from a ferry staff member led me to a large flock of Swifties feeding in the gum trees as well.  I was ecstatic!


I had combed the Mornington Penninsula south of Melbourne but came up empty-handed looking for Blue-winged Parrots.  They were a great surprise as a bonus when looking for Swift Parrots in Northern Tassie.


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