Rural New South Wales and Turquoise Parrots

My next target species was the Turquoise Parrot.  As usual some great folks on the Birding-Aus website offered specific direction as to where to see these fantastic little parrots.  I wasn’t disappointed.




I methodically worked a dry creek-bed near an abandoned farm even though it looked so dry nothing would be there.  Serenaded by more Pied Currawongs than I had ever seen before, I spotted a flock of Turquoise Parrots feeding in the dry grasses exactly in the location described to me!  I had hoped they would be tame like the Scarlet-chests but that was not happening.  They were very alert and kept flitting out of sight anytime I got close.


Finally!  the key to filming the Turquoise.  I found a little bore where the Wallaby’s and Euros came to drink in the evening.   I set up my tent as a blind and held my breath and waited for the Turq’s to come in.  Good ol Roos!  Their movements forced the little neophemas closer and closer. The results were great!  I couldnt get enough of watching the little blue-headed males.  Gorgeous!



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