Superb Parrots in NSW

I was very worried I would miss the Superb Parrot.  After all it is found only within a restricted range.  I thought perhaps the birds that I was told about would have moved on long ago.  It had been weeks since I connected with the kind Aussie who told me about them.  Despite my worry I did indeed find them! NowI had the chance to spend time with my last member of the Polytelis family.



Fortunately for me I discovered a sheep trough that was a favorite hang-out for the Superbs.  They would roost in the heat of the day in the surrounding gums.  Before heading out to the wheat fields to feed on left-over wheat they would often come down to drink first.  I noticed young Superbs everywhere!  The air was full of their persistent begging cries as they pestered the colorful adult males.  A couple of times I saw an adult male regurgitate food to the bothersome chicks just to silence them it seemed.


I was surprised how much the young Superbs reminded me of Princess young as well.  I  especially noted that the underside of the tail was that same pastel pink of Polytelis alexandrae.  It was easy to be lulled into thinking that this species was common because of the large flocks I saw.  However I realized how privileged I was to see and interact with this  threatened species.




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