On to the Blue Mountains

My time in the “Blueys” was spent with mixed emotion.  I was excited about seeing and filming my final species but also a bit melancholy that this marvelous adventure was coming to a close.  After 6 months of traveling around Australia I was truly humbled at its beauty and the amazing opportunities I had.  Based out of Emu Plains I headed out daily to search for my last 3 parrots.  As it turned out – all Cockatoos.


Australia’s largest parrot is the Yellow-tailed Black and what a beaut!  I would always hear them long before seeing them.  Those child-like wailing calls carried for many kilometers.  Up close it was very easy to tell the sexes apart by the cheek patches and tail feathers.  This fantastic looking female has the fruit of a banksia she is enjoying.


This pair were in constant contact with each other and I could readily tell they were a devoted couple.  The male (3rd image from the top) was easy to tell from his mate by his duller cheek patches and tail without markings.


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