A Dream of a Lifetime Becomes a Reality

For many many years I dreamed of coming to Australia to discover and film its fantastic parrots.  I used to sit in my heated aviary in Canada while the temperature dipped to minus 25 C and watch my pair of princess fly back and forth in their spacious enclosure.  I had many questions.  What areas of Australia do princess inhabit?  Are they swift flyers?  What do they eat out there? How much is known about them?  I had dreams of seeing massive flocks of budgies too.  I had held pink babies and adults but wanted the thrill of hearing thousands of them flying wild!  I wanted to see everything!  From Major Mitchells to Scarlet Chested Parrots. Decades later all of this came true and I am still stunned by the beauty of this adventure.  I thank God in Heaven for allowing me to do this.  I hope you enjoy the blog!



7 Responses to “A Dream of a Lifetime Becomes a Reality”

  1. Shann Low Says:


    Have really enjoyed reading your blog so far – some wonderfull pics of Aussies parrots.

    It amazes me that you were able to research enough about each of the species and to then be able to go out into each of the habitats and actually locate all of them, in a foreign country – must have involved an amazing amount of research before hand to fit in all of Aus, I can’t imagine doing so without a LOT of local help.

    I am guessing you must have seen aLOT of Australia to accomplish what you have.

    When your finished birding your way around Oz, let me know and we will get you back here and go catch all the FISH around oz!

    Mans gotta have an excuse to go see places – I intend one day to get to Canada and go see all the deer species there – and catch a lot of your salmons & trouts on fly.

    I want a guarantee first that I won’t get et by a bear – at least a license to carry a gun while there would be comforting.
    I also want to find a little Canadian Gold maybe in the Yukon?
    All I need is to win the Lottery to enable me to afford to go!

    I think you have done Australia Proud with your travels and reporting of same – well done!

    Cheers & Beers from the Wild West downunder.

  2. polytelismedia Says:

    Hi Shann:

    Thanks for such great comments mate! Real encouraging to hear how many people have enjoyed hearing about my amazing Aussie Parrot Filming Adventure! Yep you are so right mate I did indeed get a LOT of local help. Aussies are the most helpful bird people on the planet. I was stunned by all the great hospitality and tips. I used a site called Birding-Aus to help me. I figure I saw a huge chunk of your beautiful country. Most major cities and lots of remote areas including wilderness Tasmania.

    Man it would be real fun to roar around Aus and catch some fish too! I absolutely love fresh fish for sure. I was born and raised in a little area in New Brunswick Canada on the east coast. My Grandad Bert and his identical twin brother Ted used to fish for Atlantic Salmon in the St. John River. It used to have some great salmon pools. It was great as a kid to have him open up the trunk of his car and show us some huge meter long salmon that was freshly caught.

    Yeah definitely a few deer here too mate. White tailed is our most abundant and the one our family use to hunt. I love venison and hash brown potatoes… Moose is my favorite meat though. Comes with its own natural seasoning from eating all of those water plants.

    One can never guarantee you wont get eaten by a bear mate! ha ha
    However the possibility of dangerous encounters with bears is highly over rated and very unlikely. You avoid them by using bush savvy most of the time. Ninety-nine percent of the time just give them space and they will leave you alone. In areas with more dangerous bears like Grizzly I carry bear mace. In Canada we make some super toxic pepper sprays that can stop a grizzly in its tracks from about 6 meters away.

    Yep panning for Gold is part of the fun of visiting Western Canada. Great fun although I havent done it yet personally.

    Shann I fell in love with your country and I am so pleased that a native Aussie enjoys my work in portraying my travels. It was an amazing adventure and stay tuned as blog about other remote corners of Aus!

    Cheers mate!

  3. Rhea Beaudry Says:

    Don, It was so fun to meet you on the chat line for Phoebe, the Allen’s hummingbird in California. Thank you for directing me to your blog and your film preview.
    Your work is amazing! I can’t wait to see more of the video. Your commentary and observations amongst your photos makes this blog exceptionally interesting and captivating. Your love for God’s creation, especially the parrots comes through loud and clear. It amazes me how many kinds of parrots you have covered in Australia, and how beautiful and varied they are. I have read about half of your blog and will continue on to the rest. The film you are working on will be fabulous! What an educational tool, travelogue, and work of art it will be. I will be back again and again to see how it is going for you! What an adventure you are on! No wonder you are excited! May God open many doors for you and show you the best way to get this out to people who will share your love for these magnificent birds!

  4. JC Says:

    pretty cool site Don. You seem to ove parrots as much as I do 🙂
    Too bad you have done your trip already, I had loved to join you on a few journeys to remote locations 🙂



    • polytelismedia Says:

      Jan thanks for your comments and its always so amazing to connect with others who are as excited about Aussie parrots as I am. Are there any species that you have hoped to see in particular?

      • JC Says:

        Hey Don,

        well, I hoped to be able to see as many as possible, but I have three I desperately want to see and photograoh, because I have bred them for years, before I had to give it up, because of my neighbours.
        Those are Regent Parrot, Red-winged Parrot and Gang Gang Cockatoo.
        I saw the Regent and Gang Gangs already, but was not even close to making a good image.
        Having a chance to make such a trip as you did is still a big dream of mine. At the moment my university takes away all the time at the best times of the year…
        Superb Parrot would be another species I’d love to get.
        I did quite well with the Black Cockatos so far, who were another big target 🙂

      • polytelismedia Says:

        Hi Jan:

        I saw Regent parrots well at Stirling Range National Park in Western Aus but only captured mediocre footage of them. I spent a great segment of time with the Gangs although the footage quality isnt quite like I would prefer but still worthwhile. Red-wings offered great opportunities at Bowra Station near Cunumulla, QLD. Quite common there. Jan your images are absolutely gorgeous. Great job! Did you see any Scarlet-chested Parrots? Cheers

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