Australia Discovering the Land of Parrots – Now available on DVD!

Now is your chance to embark on a dream trip of a lifetime!  Join us Sept 19-Oct4 2015 for a 16 day adventure viewing the gorgeous parrots of Australia for yourself!  We should easily see over 30 species in several different habitats!  With everything from dry outback regions to rich tropical rainforest.  Parrots are everywhere here!  Want to learn more?  Check out our website here.

Australia Discovering the Land of Parrots – on DVD!

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Created for those of us who just cannot get enough of watching Parrots, each DVD is over 45 min in length.  The series covers over 50 different species, taking the viewer to almost every type of habitat in Australia.

Learn about the endangered Orange-bellied parrot in the far southwestern corner of Tasmania.  Travel to the remote habitat of Queensland’s Cape York Penninsula to catch a glimpse of such stunning birds as the Palm Cockatoo.  And drink in the beauty of the remote desert outback where rare Princess parrots live and thrive!


It was shear joy seeing such a range of parrots and cockatoos living wild and free in just about every environment existing in Australia.  I think all birders and parrot aficionados will treasure this collection

– Charlie King

Remarkable achievement to document so many species with important information on habitat, distribution, diet, nesting and calls – very educational!

– Tony

While this series does not meet the standard of quality of productions like ABC’s Land of Parrots (their Hi-definition lenses cost over $100,000.00 alone!) The film makes up for any lack of professionalism by its passionate delivery.


For me the most enjoyable section was the segment on the Scarlet-chested Parrot.  The footage was not only interesting to watch the information presented on this species was fantastic.

Greg L.

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