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Now Available! Discovering the World of Parrots – Australia on DVD!

April 1, 2011

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Whether you own a cockatiel or budgie, or are simply fascinated by Australian Parrots, this series allows you to see 50 species (almost every one!) flying wild and free in their natural habitat.

Join in on the search for the elusive Princess Parrot, or watch as wild Scarlet-chested Parrots deal with scorching heat in the remote desert outback.  Or travel to rugged tasmania to observe the last few Orange-bellied Parrots left on earth. This series is a must for anyone who loves parrots!

Running time: 4-dvd’s 174 minutes.

Comments from those who have purchased the series:

I have to say that your work is the best animal documentary I have seen since 2004 or so! I have kind of a weakness for Australian Parrots and the way you made your DVD series helped fill my yearning to see these beautiful birds.  I want to congratulate you for a good job and write, that what I ordered was worth every cent – seriously!
Thanks for a great film!

Absolutely stunning footage in this set of four DVD’s. I’ve watched my set several times already and can’t get enough of watching Australia’s magnificent parrots. You did an amazing job Don videoing almost all of Australia’s parrot species, and this set beautifully gives us a glimpse into the lives of parrots as represented by the country with the most parrot species in the world. The DVD’s all provide just the right amount of narration to illuminate the video without being overbearing. A joy to watch. Well done!


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In August of 2008 I Journeyed to Australia – the land of Parrots to attempt to Film all 50 plus species of these Amazing and Colorful Birds.  My Journey Led me to all Corners of This Magnificent Country.  I hope you enjoy a brief description and some images from this fantastic trip of a lifetime.